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Brokers are real estate agents who have completed additional training and licensing requirements. They can work independently and hire other real estate agents to work for them. When Ali Shaben received his Brokers license, he envisioned creating a space for other real estate agents, both residential and commercial, that embodied his values and that he could mentor and grow a dynamic team.

Growing Sable Realty was the chance to redesign a brokerage structure with our modern world and busy lifestyles in mind. I am excited to grow our team with people who bring energy and ideas to continue this trajectory, whom we can support with flexibility and mentorship.

Ali Shaben

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From paperboy to PowerBroker, Ali Shaben can win you over with both his business acumen and affable nature. As a first-generation Canadian raised by a single mother, Ali was hustling from a young age, with paper routes and canvassing door to door for the Edmonton Journal. His natural ability to engage with people was immediately evident, and he was drawn to jobs and later a career that allowed him to showcase these skills.

Edmonton has been home to Ali for most of his life, and it’s a city he knows and loves. After graduating high school, he attended Concordia University. Following his time at Concordia, Ali joined his brother’s renovation business, where, in true entrepreneurial spirit, he could immerse himself in a variety of roles. From sales to site visits and everything in between, Ali learned the business side of things and developed a love for real estate.

In 2009 Ali met local businessman and entrepreneur Sine Chadi, who began to mentor Ali. Through this mentorship, he decided to join Chadi’s firm, Imperial Equities, a commercial real estate development and investment firm founded in Edmonton, Alberta. In its rich 30-year history, Imperial Equities grew from a small start-up to become a large publicly-traded company. Leading the company was Sine Chadi, whose industry knowledge and long-term outlook allowed him to seize opportunities that others may have overlooked. Working closely with Sine, Ali was empowered to learn all aspects of the business, both in client-facing roles and operationally behind the scenes. From asset management of his portfolio of industrial properties, preparing lease agreements, finding tenants, purchasing property and negotiations, Ali was immersed in the entire process.

From his early years of learning the business operations to achieving his real estate license and subsequently his broker’s license, Ali continued to grow, learn and develop a vast network and solid reputation in the industry. In 2018 Ali was awarded the prestigious CoStar Powerbroker of the Year award for top sales.

In 2020 Ali turned his attention to Sable Realty, the small brokerage under the Imperial Equities umbrella. The decision was made for Ali to take over the brokerage and focus his skills and expertise on further developing the business.

Ali saw growing Sable Realty as a chance to redesign a brokerage structure with the modern world and people’s busy lifestyles top of mind. His focus was to expand the team with people who bring energy and ideas to the brokerage. He could support his team with flexibility and mentorship, much like what he received under Chadi.

Fast forward two years and Sable Realty’s growth is on a solid upward trajectory. Under Ali’s ownership, the brokerage has gone through a brand refresh and continues to grow on both the residential and commercial sides.

Outside of the office, Ali fulfills the vital role of husband to his wife Alia and father to their three young children. He enjoys staying active, playing squash, skiing and golfing. Ali believes in giving back to the community and actively supporting the Glenrose Hospital, Capital Care, and Al Rashid Mosque.

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